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he program comes with a very user-friendly interface and some extra handy tools, to help you keep your PC running like new.
Guardian Antivirus provides complete protection against viruses, online threats and spam to keep your important data and your operating system safe.

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    Parth Patel 7 months ago

    Guardian is Awesome Antivirus by Quick Heal Technologies.
    * Low in Budget.
    * Auto Scanning functions.
    * Boot time Scanning and etc.
    * Working Perfectly (in license version).
    Guardian Antivirus is far better than any other Antivirus.

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    Tofik Patel 10 months ago

    My Guardian AntiVirus has a licence version but the update take so long, why?

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      Parth Patel 7 months ago

      Only at first time, it will take a longer update. And after 5 to 15/MB per day.

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    Guest 11 months ago

    Which one is better: Kaspersky or Guardian?

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      Parth Patel 7 months ago

      Absolutely Guardian Friend. I am a system engineer that's why I am telling you.